Boss Notes Lol 5

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In case this is the first one you're reading, I'm a fan of boss fights in LBP and LBP2, and I make it my goal to include creative battles in many of my levels. As such I'm doing brief, non-critical reviews on each to assemble my thoughts and opinions. I want to identify things I did right AND wrong, and express feelings on each. Today I'm reviewing one mini-boss, and two forms/battles for two separate other enemies; Baron Boots, Croaloa 1 & 2, and Emperor Scorra 1 &2, plus a lil bonus sneak peek.

Baron Boots - This battle was at a point where I realized CC2 was starting to get too long. Hero Academy takes forever to trek through, spanning one main level and two subs, and my original idea was that every other level would do the same. In my original concept, Boots arrived half-way through the level, and during the fight, he would take the orange crystal. You had to kill zombies and use their heads to create stair steps up to him. The concept generally remained intact, except the whole first third of the level was chopped off, putting Boots at the beginning. When I first started playing this fight to test it, I had a real problem bouncing from one side platform to the other. I kept thinking it was going to scare players away because they'd be getting roasted if they didn't jump perfectly. Then I started making it every time, and finishing the battle in seconds. It's easier if you just let physics do their thing.

One day I would actually like to go back and redo this fight. Same battle, but I want to alter Boots' design to make his hat more accessible, and give it a damage indicator aside from flames. (This was before I knew how to do that.) I would also make the neon background only appear during the battle, to sort of go in theme with his magic using. Also the bounce platforms would have a 'catch' so you can't overshoot them.

You were also supposed to fight Boots again in Scorpion Valley, but that was taken out to strengthen the level's platforming element. This second fight was a sort of 'tutorial round' for the Scorpion Boss.


Croaloa - Croaloa has to be one of my favorite Boss fights I've made for several reasons. Yes, it's got flaws, and yes, I don't understand physics, but I'm actually very proud of this battle. For starters, the first round is one of the first instances where I've had players use a controlinator with an advanced mover. Yes, you can only go left and right, but for me, this was the friggin' Mona Lisa. The idea behind the first fight was that he would belch up projectiles and debris, and if your boat took too many hits, you would die. You had to bounce projectiles back at his belly to win the battle.

A problem I've noticed is that it's more tempting to deflect things at his face, even though his stomach is his weakpoint. I should have been more obvious with that one. Another problem is his voodoo dolls. They work as designed. They're sticky, and they short out your controls for a while. The problem is that they stick to the boss as well, and you can break his jaw if you deflect the dolls just right. They'll stick his lips together, and break the material when he opens his mouth!

I've also discovered that players have a tendency to ram their boats into him directly, and end up breaking the plungers. Plus, dang, those plungers can really launch stuff far! If I ever re-did this battle, I'd put some moving objects in the foreground to add more depth to the stage for starters, then I'd remake the boats so that they can fully respawn themselves, with a gizmo that blows them up if the mechanisms are damaged. I'd also alter the boats so instead of deflecting projectiles, it sucked them into a sort of storage tank, and once you'd collected enough, you could fire a shot back at him, already pre-aimed.

Still, Croaloa is equipped with a damage indicator! Woot!

His second form is the awesome Mona Lisa's SMILE part. I love his boss room, and I love how as he takes damage pieces fall off until he's just a skeleton. Originally you would have to pop brains just like Robobobotron, but I couldn't get it to work like I wanted. Nowadays I know that Brains can be attached to hologram materials with tag followers, so I COULD change this to how I wanted it. Right now I consider CC2 a sort of sacred tome. I know it's got issues, but I sort of see those as reminders. Some issues I did end up changing though. For one, did you know that the bounce platforms were originally retractable? The original plan had you using only one side at a time until that got too time consuming.

Something else I would change if I ever went back and tidied up, is that I'd squish the bounce pads into the floor. Actually, I may have done that already. I don't remember....


Scorra - Long ago, when I first finished CC1, I was in the planning stages for CC2 before I went on a long break. Before I went on that break, I was already laying the groundwork for this battle. You may be interested to know that there was little variation between my written plans and what I ended up making. I was not very foresightful in the design process though, when I decided that the room would consist of three platforms and two pits, and you would use the boss's arms to cross between them. This boss is twice the size I'd wanted him to be, and your sackperson is a hard-to-see speck during the battle. Originally, his claws were so small that you could jump over them. Then I beefed up their size, and it put them too close together. So I widened his shoulder span, and suddenly he was way too big.

I still appreciate the more rigid battle structure he presented. Formerly, the bosses had a pretty randomized element to them where luck factored into the equation. With Scorra, there were more absolutes. His pattern was always the same, and there were specific ways of avoiding every attack. He had a reasonable amount of health, and he wasn't difficult. Prior to Scorra there was only one boss (Razz) I could beat without dying. Even in his follow up battle where he's on fire, the pattern was distinct.

True Fact: Scorra exists because of the Zero Punctuation review of Enslaved: Odyssey to the West. The phrase "Giant Laser Death Scorpion" just stuck in my head, and had to be done.


Buzzsaw Babydoll - A lil' preview of an unfinished boss fight you might see in the future. Its missing an arm which will be a chainsaw. Unfortunately, I have no idea how you're supposed to beat this thing right now, but it's certainly scary! The only thing I'm certain of, is that I want this battle to be hands off, meaning no grabinators, grabbing, shooting, creatinating etc. I was thinking it would chainsaw the ground, and you'd have to hit brains on either side of that arm. Once they were popped, it would be replaced with a nightmarish tentacle, and the chest would open up. (The chest can already open up actually.) I guess once the heart is exposed you could shoot it with a paintinator, but I'd really like the fight to be power up free.

If you have any suggestions let me know. Oh! Also, that is NOT his boss room or background yet. XD I want to make the boss totally autonomous, so you can drop him in any level, and be able to fight him start to finish. So no power-ups, and you can't use the environment.

For the next Boss Notes Lol, I'll be reviewing Cuddles, the Black Star, and all three Praxion forms! Following that will be the final Boss Notes Lol in which I review upcoming Projects such as Captain Quartez, The Leviathan, and Mr. Moobs.