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My 170th blog entry

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170 blogs! This is the 17th time I made it to the tenth entry for every ten entries. I may have been slowing down, but I'll still use it.

Yes, I did say that I will be writing Disney reviews, but I rather talk about my future on this site than write a blog entry on what I think of Oliver and Company on this entry.

I actually decided that I'm not going to post much, but even after two entries I said that I quit (one was deleted), I decided not. I'm staying here. I probably won't play LBP anymore until LBP3 comes out (and on PS3). The truth here is that the community on GameFAQs isn't very nice to me. Thanks to you guys, I behave better on LBPCentral, but I still act rude on GameFAQs, and I'm not choosing to be a bully there. On the ACNL forum on GameFAQs, there's this one troll who's been there for months. I didn't get involved in his fights he picked on others until that joke thread where someone asked how to eat the animals in AC. In Animal Crossing, you really can't anything other than fruits, mushrooms, turnips (you don't want to do that), and cakes. Whoever created the topic, I told him that you can't kill the animals in Animal Crossing, and to get jokes from Shrunk at Club LOL, he has to bring some fruit. He tells me that his character ALL of the fruits in his town because he's afraid that his character will starve. C'mon, you can't starve in Animal Crossing. The one thing I didn't get was that the thread was a joke thread. I didn't take a joke there. When I took a joke too seriously here on LBPCentral, one of you (I'm not sure if he's here anymore) already recognized me as someone with autism. But on GameFAQs, this troll (not the creator of the topic) mocked on me, thinks I'm an 8 year old (I'm really 21). I finally admit that it was a joke thread, but this troll still thinks I'm not a good person (he's been bullying people on GameFAQs for a long time, and I joined the AC community three months ago, even if I created my account in 2008). When I post on a thread that he infiltrates by getting rude with users, I try to stay out, but he chooses to get rude to me. It's hard for me to ignore hate-filled trolls like this guy. Later on, I decided to not respond to what I say until he accused me of plagiarism (it's not plagiarism to repeat what someone did and misquote it. If you want to know what I'm talking about, you can ask). He pushed me too far where I decided to fight back and insult him, by falsely accusing him for making death threats towards me and sending me racist PMs. I will never do that to you LBPCers. You guys seem to be nice to me, even when you lost patience in me at one time. But on larger forums rather than fansites like this, there's a lot meaner people.

Apparently, my false accusations of this guy got him really angry. Usually, bullies would laugh at attempts to fight back, but that one got him really mad. In addition, I made a new enemy. I did not make those accusations to get him banned or to get others to turn against him. I made these accusations as an insult rather than a slander. I later apologized and confessed, but the "new guy" who joined still thinks I'm worse than this troll. He won't forgive me. The troll is the bad guy there, while I'm one of those aggressive victims who fought back once. The "new guy" still hates me and believes that I'm the bad one on the ACNL forum. He's giving me a negative reputation and making me look like the bad one. So in another thread, I threatened to look at him as evil for being against me (it doesn't mean I'll think of him as a bad person for disagreeing with my opinions, but it means that I will think he's bad for hating me and making me look like someone who shouldn't post). There were a few other users who commented on my behavior and sent me PMs to avoid talking about these trolls and to not let them bother me. Anyway, the topic I made these false accusations got deleted, and it was a month ago since I did that (topics that haven't got a single reply within a week on GameFAQs gets archived and never posted on again.

The reason why I wouldn't look at you LBPCers as evil for making me look bad is because you are nice guys, and you're not defending any trolls. But that guy who's making me look bad, he's not a nice person. And besides, you never made me look like the bad one. The only issue there was that you lost patience in me on my first year here. I'm not going to be like what I was in 2012 or what I have been on GameFAQs (the troll on GameFAQs got me started on misbehaving).

I noticed that you have been ignoring me on the forums, but when I get back to posting something interesting here, I'll probably get attention in a good way again. I'm not going to complain about you guys ignoring me.

Oh, and if you are wondering, when I make a new platformer on LBP3, I'll probably keep the player light gameplay. It's one of my original creations in LBP2.
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