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Some level ideas for LBP3

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As LBP3 is coming out, I have planned on making two levels already.

Glow City - based after Glow World, Glow City is a level where you use the player light to activate player light sensors. New feature that inspired this level - Power-up creator.

Tile Turmoil 2.0 - this is the second Tile Turmoil level. More gameplay will be added, such as elevators, blocks to push, and other modes such as timed mode and limited-resets mode. I'll even put memorizers to work in this one. New feature that inspired this level - 16-layer feature.

That's all I can think of at the top of my head, but when I see more, I'll come up with more.
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  1. mr_D22's Avatar
    These sound like pretty cool ideas, Can't wait to play them when LBP3 comes out!