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"Do you fear Death?" - a Davy Jones' organ is a difficult instrument part 2

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Hi friends, after having shown you my first steps to build Davy Jones' organ, here the next ones:

you might remember: with the move-painting-tool I first paintet the line drawings of the ornaments and put them together to the organ (without the keybords so far which will be added later)

then I started to color the ornaments and placed the results on sticker panel (color sticker and line drawing sticker)

next I cut out the sticker, copied it and changed one of them into wooden material. I then placed the sticker panel close before the wooden conture object! This way its possible to adjust brightness, color and opacity of the painted ornaments as you like it! I wanted that the wooden structure of the organ can be also seen, so I reduced the opacity a little bit! And I wanted the organ darker!

now I needed the picture background of the middle part of the organ, a sea scenery with flying angels and a pirate's ship before a sunset.

here a little study of how it will look like, when its integrated in the scenery! The scnery will be more elaborated later!

I hope you enjoyed it! be continued...

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