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"Do you fear Death?" - bug hunt!

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Hi friends,

after some weeks here I am back again to continue my creating diary! Oh no! I haven't been lazy all that time, but I have been the victim of my own chaotic logical construction of my menu. I've already described my logic as an organically grown something which had developped a life of it's own. Some weeks ago a not so friendly creature called "bug" has settled my level. You never could hear him rumbling, he suddenly appeared waving with its antenna and cheekily grinning. I tried to catch it in any possible way, but this nasty little thing has been clever! Skilfully it used all the angles and loopholes which I had created by myself! Soon I noticed that I would have no chance unless I would manage to tidy my logic! Equipped with some coke, masses of sensors and markers, and a flyswatter and a fierce look, I started the operation! Its been a massacre and I don't want to frighten you with details! It took me weeks but now its done! Here is the result:



There must have been so much noise and action that the bug obviously has decided to look for another victim. It hasn't been seen anymore!
A friend has told me that bugs don't like pulsating zooplankton (its said to be an old domestic remedy) so I've settled two specimen in my menu! Just to make sure! be continued!

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