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RPGP Entry 12: Logic Ain't Pretty

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My UI logic stuff never looks nice... I mean this isn't even 100% done and look at it! Okay well there aren't going to be any more wire going every which way, but still. Now I know I could have done all this wirelessly but stuff often goes wrong if you're not especially careful. Considering I did this at 3am, I'm not being especially careful. Now of course, it DOES work. I've tested it somewhat thoroughly and no problems occur (aside from some graphical errors which honestly aren't big enough to deal with right now, or possible ever.
The thermo isn't looking too good on the side. My goal of getting the platforming sackbot in under half the thermo was not achieved and I'm going to try my hardest to optimize EVERYTHING. To be quite honest, the sackbot itself is surprisingly thermo light. It takes up one small bar but that's the same as any sackbot so that's an accomplishment. It's the darn UI that takes up so much. I wish there was a way to avoid using so many stickers but I cannot seem to find a way. If anyone has any suggestions, I'm open ;P.
As for any more progress, I'm afraid I haven't made any shareable progress. I've been busy creating for another level that is just for funsies and made some considerable discoveries in that one so I kind of put RPGP off. I am making progress though and I can safely say the sackbot (which includes enemy interactions) is about 60% done. By enemy interactions I mean that I still have the stealth system to work out which, by the way, will not be liked on the thermo :O


  1. CuriousSack's Avatar
    Hi koltonaugust, I cannot agree with you, to me logic is pretty, the wires sometimes are making astonishing pattern, I think that they are aesthetically appealing!
  2. koltonaugust's Avatar
    I can see where you're coming from. I just think LBPV has ruined my view on logic because the lag grows so quickly on it. In LBP2 I love seeing stuff with wires hanging everywhere (though placing the wires on LBP2 is a bit more of a chore imo), but vita, nope.
  3. CuriousSack's Avatar
    Now you've made me curious and I think I will have to start to do my first attempts in creating a level in Vita!
  4. koltonaugust's Avatar
    Yay! That sounds like an excellent idea! Hopefully I'll get to see what you end up creating. As for the lag I mentioned earlier, I believe the portability makes up for it but if you are used to LBP2, it is hard to switch.