A furturistic platformer ( Part 2) Review

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Sackboy's big adventure: perfect future.

After I am done with the annoying jetpack part, I finally get to this controllnator.

Soon a scoreboard comes, and the game ends. Overall, I say this level was good, but could use a lot of improvements, like I thought the jetpack section was too hard, and not very fun, due to the awkward controls, and you had to be very precise. Also the part with the caution signs, was hard, because it required too much precision like the jetpack section. If you jumped too far, you died, and if you jumped too little, you died. I thought the brainwashing element in the story was a cool concept, but I had no idea what was happening in the story. I would like to see more, and if there is a sequel I'll probably post a review.


  1. chongue's Avatar
    I really liked your review, i really should make improvements in the levels as you said, But a sequel it's too unlikebly, but if i make it it will be more understandable