A furturistic platformer ( Part 1) review

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Sackboy's big adventure: perfect future.

I start off my adventure, the level is looking very good so far.
The platforming is tad too easy for my taste, but I really like the look of the level.
The platforming is getting slightly harder, as I swing these grabbable objects.
I come to this place after I read a speech bubble about brainwashing, I have no idea what is really happening here, but it is very interesting.
Okay, now the level is getting hard, I die at least five times from this part alone.
Now this part I was about to rage quit from, the riding of the jetpack was really hard to use, and I think this section would have been a lot more fun if it was easier, and I think it would have been fun if attract-o-gel was used instead.


  1. Darthvadre11's Avatar
    What did you think of my first review?
  2. Darthvadre11's Avatar
    Part 2 is found by going to previous
  3. chongue's Avatar
    Ok, the camera on the jet section will be removed, thank you again for the review.