1 Year Anniversary in the Spotlight Crew!

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Hey folks!

Today marked a really special day for me! It was today I got a DM from bioswoop about joining the tireless LBPCentral Spotlight Crew on the LittleBigPlanet 2! As much as it was a big surprise, I was actually waiting for a yes to be on the LBN Picks Team, which I got as well but I spent a majority of my time on LBPCentral. In celebration, I'm making a blog post of my experience!

It was the day before University started, which is easily how I remembered the one year mark since it starts tomorrow as well. I got access to the secret lair of the crew a day after where I spent a day or two lurking around seeing what was in store getting my feet wet. That was when I met and said hello to some of my dearest friends today.

My First Episode

Episode 120 was coming up and I got ready to play the LBP2 potentials when I got home. There was LOADS! I ended up playing them in 2-3 hours and gave my judgement and all that alone told me how tireless it was for the crew to do everything per episode. I'm not talking about reviewing, updating the thread with each level's code or doing the HUB, this was just playing LBP2 levels alone.

After I got through the LBP2 levels, it was near time to launch Episode 120, so the spotlight thread had the level coding in and I had to do my reviews. My first review of all time was for pellemannen's Doodle War 2 and was a bit struggling because i did not know how to structure one and the proper length it should be.

I look at bio's review for the level and saw what he wrote and then i took a go at it. In the end I got a friendly nudge saying it was way too long haha! It was then I started getting the grip and then did my other reviews no problem.

Shortly after that, help on the vita side was needed and then fire and I went to go tackle karting together. This was all in the same episode, and I didn't even think to reject these other two opportunities to help out on the karting and vita side I just went for it. It wasn't easy, but it was all definitely one thing - a whole lot of fun!!

I guess ever since then I had a mini Spotlight Crew addiction, not sure what it was but it was awesome.


It was around episode 120 i started flooding my friends' activity feed with "Queued!" (I got that from looking at bio saying he queued up the levels, I also stole "whoa" from him, our friendship is that real!)

I started welcoming folks as well and also well being hyper on this site. :P I was "hypedude95" because I misspelled my name when i signed up on my phone back in 2011 but after I came back 2 year later and a couple of spotlight episodes, I asked a moderator to change it to "hyperdude95".

I know I say "queued" too much and not leave feedback, but feel free to message me to give you feedback on your level and I'll do my best!

The Hub

I have only done the HUB a couple of times, but it was all an interesting experience. The first time I went it was to alter something and I went in with a fellow spotlighter and before that i was studying a handy how-to-guide about the Hub. It felt like a second nature going into the Hub in create mode and caught on quickly to everything, its so organized its ahhh beautiful. The Hubbers (the people who are doing the hub) are responsible every episode to get those level links in the fortnightly episode for you to play and without them and Steven you won't see us in the News Feed every fortnight.

Don't even get me started with Hubbie.. just make sure he always has a cookie before you leave or else!!


This crew has done an insane amount of work keeping the spotlight alive for 5 years with a bunch of history that blew my mind I didn't even read all of it due what the crew has in store. I have to give props, because no one knows how hard the crew works unless you are there behind the scenes to see it. I heavily underestimated the crew before I joined, and I am never going to see that thought again.

I know we all see an episode, sometimes with not a lot of levels, and always support the crew and it is always appreciated and you guys rock every time we see a positive reply let alone reviews in the hub. I have seen amazing things happen such as people not getting a spotlight and then kept on trying and trying and finally got one after a lot of work and not giving up!

You are the guys that keep us going with showing your level in the showcase threads and sending us messages of love and support, keeping us wanting to do what we love so thank you!!

The wrap

More or less, 365 1/4 and 25 episodes later I'm still here and mesmerized by the experience. I am focusing mostly on Vita and Karting now and have temporarily sided from LBP2, but when LBP3 comes it should be another story.

And oh the most important thing!

Today the crew is more than just friends, they are a second family that i look forward to work with for another year.

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  1. TheBlueSackboy's Avatar
    Congrats on 1 year! Hopefully we'll see you for years to come.
  2. hyperdude95's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by TheBlueSackboy
    Congrats on 1 year! Hopefully we'll see you for years to come.


  3. yugnar's Avatar
    That was an amazing story! So cool you decided to share that experience with everyone
  4. biorogue's Avatar
    Awesome read Hyper! My, my, time flies when you're having fun no? Hard to believe it's been a whole year already. Look forward to another year of you in the crew.
  5. hyperdude95's Avatar
    Likewise, buddy! And thanks yugnar!