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The Five Creators I Want to Work with in LBP3

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Numba 5.


Ayneh is a rare breed. I havent spoke with him as much, but he actually made some contributions to my RPG that he may have forgotten about. We also were a part of the FF VII project that sadly got disbanded a couple years ago. With my logic, and Ayneh's skill with artwork, it wouldnt take a long time to make an RPG that is all from sprites or maybe even material animation( I personally thought it would have been cooler to use that anyway as opposed to bots with the FF VII remake).

Chances of teaming up: 7 Percent. Its a very low number, but thats mainly because it would take a ton of work and drawings. However, the idea of an RPG made with Aynehs visuals, would be something for the ages.

Numba 4.


He one of those guys that just has.."That energy". Its contagious and it would breathe life into just about any project. I never spoke with Rehab Reject, but I have been debating trying to get him on Chrono Chrysalis for some voice work. This guy is literally everywhere and seems to always have something going on. He even communicates with a large part of the community, and used to promote great levels that had little plays. Other MM picked creators seem to be willing so why now right?

Chances of teaming up: 60 percent. Rehab wouldnt mind joining big projects, we just need to hope he gets LBP3.


Theres nobody quite like NOBODY! Theres a reason why this guy hearted me. We have common interest. Littlebigfantasy was a brilliant concept and expertly designed. Teaming up with a guy like this would ensure RPGs would be getting out much quicker, while still maintaining high quality. Not to mention quite a bit of spotlight. Congrats on the 60000 heart!

Chances of teaming up: 20 percent. Nobody has been MIA for years. If he comes back for LBP3, theres no doubt in my mind we will collaborate in some way. But theres a large chance Littlebigfantasy will be the last project any of us see from Nobody.

2. a_mailbox

Remember the RPG concept video that was on youtube when LBP2 was still in the beta stage? That was made by this guy. Now I could just as easily put the whole Box of Dynamite group in this. I think its a colaboratoin that should have happened sooner, but unfortunately, these guys left before I had enough skill...and before Aurora requiem released.

The reason why I want to work with Mail is because he gets it. I chatted with him a couple times and he showed me some RPGs he was working on and hes the real deal. He may have just had too much going on, but if even one of his projects drop, no doubt it would get a lot of attention. He doesnt mind working on logic and realizes thats the most critical part of designing an RPG. Working with him, would almost be like having two of myself. Which would make it much easier of the development end.

Chances of Collaboration: 30 percent. On the off chance he logs in a reads this, then probably. I havent seen him on LBP in about 8 months though. So if the creative aura of LBP3 lures him back in, we may be able to make something cool happen.


You should already have guessed this.


Felkroth is the best RPG creator in LBP2. Theres no debate here. She whipped out more quality levels in a year than most of us will ever create in a lifetime. Yup and she is a she. I studies Sealed Fate's pacing and I realized Felkroth knows JRPGs. I met a lot of women that played RPGs before, but similar to Mail, she just gets it. She knows how they should be designed and whats a good pacing. Thank you for putting a battle within the first five minutes of gameplay. From the very second you step in a Felkroth level, you know you are experiencing something different.

Felkroth is also a real game designer now. I communicated with her not too long ago actually and shes working on a game called Avelonia. But I couldnt imagine she would create with a tool like the memorizer.

Felk if you are reading this. Its fate lol

Chances of Collaborating: 25 percent. Shes going to get LBP3, even if she denies it, I dont think she would abandon LBP, especially now that she knows new tools like the memorizer exist. I havent seen Felkroth work with a team in LBP2, but from a design perspective, we would blend well and be able to push out quality rpgs quicker.

Welp, theres my list. Do you have any creators you would like to work with or maybe comments on my selections? Feel free to comment!

This list does not include those already working with CC. Already kinda living the dream

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  1. TenebrisNemo's Avatar
    Legendary creators! Nobody's and Felkroth's levels are amazing! I'm in love with Sealed Fate & LittleBigFantasy!

    Btw how did you attach those images on your blog and how do you make them visible?
  2. Rpg Maker's Avatar
    Copy the image URL of whatever image you want and attach it.
  3. TenebrisNemo's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Rpg Maker
    Copy the image URL of whatever image you want and attach it.

    Back to your blog, I was already sure that Felkroth would be "The n. One". Her levels are pretty much the best RPG levels in LBP.

    NOBODY's RPG level was unique. It's something which I couldn't have guessed that could have been made with LBP tools. Well, Felkroth has those kinds of levels too.

    If NOBODY is not going to return in LBP or even get LBP 3, then, man, I'm gonna miss him. The LBF level was amazing RPG level and I want to see it to have an end.
  4. Rpg Maker's Avatar
    Well I have been with LBP2 since it released and at the beginning, everyone was making turnbased games and its funny thinking about how we were all running into the same thermo issues.( If only we knew emit/destroy then) LBF wasnt leaps and bounds beyond say, Aurora Somnis, but its concept was good enough to encourage future RPGs like say Sealed Fate which came out I believe a year or two later.

    Felkroth created more complete experiences out of anyone I know on LBP2. I sometimes forget she made Frozen Flame which is also regarded as one of the best LBP2 levels.

    On a side note, if you really liked LBF, I would defiantly check out Chrono Chrysalis when it debuts in Littlebigplanet 3.