Lbp 3 and us

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Hell-ow Everyone.

This blog is for all that have a feeling in your stomach and really need to talk about LBP 3.

With your permission I will start first.


1.- Since LBP 1, I told my friend.... "If LBP 2 doesnt have more than 3 layers I will not buy it, there is no reason for it. But what happened. I saw the logic this incredible add that makes BOSS sequence easier, the grabbinator... etc. I than well i felt in love with the game.

But I felt while creating on LBP 2 that those 3 layers really matter. Because of top down games need to be more than 3 playable levels and the controlinator movement never felt as real walking.

This things are gone now. I believe that Sumo digital choose the creators from the community that really know what people always wanted to do on the game. I feel like my thoughts were heard and I know that Im not alone saying that.