This isn't goodbye....

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Just wanted to officially thank the LBPVita community for all the love and feedback I've received over the last few years.

My Vita has died and it may be some time before I can fix it or get a new one. It's hard to be unhappy about it, I literally played LBPV every day for almost 2 years straight.

I made some great new friends, supported quite a few new creators and even got to take part in the Vita Christmas Countdown in 2012.

In my opinion, the Vita version of LBP is indeed the definitive version (for now).

The smaller community really proved to be a good thing. It actually felt like we were a community (something I never really 'felt' while playing LBP1/2/PSP.) That's not to put down everyone else, but seriously my levels have almost been played by 65,000 people and I've only ever come across one nasty pasty. Everyone else has been great, and their feedback was always constructive.

My creating skills have improved, my contraptions got really complicated and I even had some fans make levels based around the stories I had created. That truly humbled me. (even more so than being team picked).

Hanging out for November when LBP3 will take over my life. DRUIDIA will definitely be making the leap to LBP3. (I have a few ideas of how the new characters could be incorporated!)

If you love LBP, I seriously recommend getting yourself a vita and playing LBPV. There is an awesome community waiting to welcome you.

Thanks again for the love guys. See you in LBP3!!


  1. yugnar's Avatar
    See you in LBP3 jaff! Thanks for all the awesomeness and for keeping the Vita community alive!