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Dev Diary#3 : Preparing for a Large Release in LBP3

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Its still being developed! The FF XV logo is quite ironic because like that game, Chrono Chrysalis was announced seemingly eons ago.
Chrono Chrysalis will be debuting on the PS4. There are a some FAQs going around, so I figured I would do another blog and kind of explain some things.

How far along is development?
Right now the main thing I am working on is the character development system and the adding more complex math to the game. The new math will help speed up all my future projects as well. I wont reveal too much until the obvious PS4 reveal, but I will say that the game will use a job/class system--with a twist.

Is there EXP?
Its kind of funny I keep getting this, but yes, all the numbers you see are operating in real time. They are not static numbers there for display--especially now that I have improved the games math. I want to incorporate leveling systems that are fun, yet arent forced on players that want to use their skill to clear the game. In this RPG, you can grind and become insanely strong, but its never forced upon the player. The battles are deep enough so that veteran players will never need to level up to clear the main game. I wont be lying if I said balancing wouldnt be difficult, but this is what betas are for.

Will we be able to play this on LBP2?
Currently the game wont fit in LBP2. The beginning will because there are fewer party members, but once the story really kicks off, LBP2 just cant handle all the content. Right now I am overshooting the thermo because its been confirmed how bigger the thermo is in LBP3. I am using LBP2 just to create the development mechanics and then it will be ready to be transferred over. I may release a battle simulator on the LBP2, but by the time the games finished, LBP3 will be out and most players would migrate to that. Given the news on the LBP3 tools, the save system also would be much simpler. Things like currency and other stuff I want in the game is still not fitting in LBP2, so it does ruin the idea in a way and I want the full idea realized.

Will Chrono Chrysalis be outdated?
Just the opposite actually. I think the game will be even more impressive now because of the increase in graphics and thermo space. The FPS will be greater, voice acting will be there, and the combat mechanics and content creating will just transfer over. In other words, Chrono Chrysalis was probably better off being a next gen title in the first place. I think it was trying to do a bit much for its time, so LBP3 was a nice announcement honestly.

Whats the story about?
Chrono Chrysalis has a bizarre premise. The game takes place primarily in the future where humans live underwater called the Abyss Era and the past where the humans lived in the sky, referred to as the Sky Era. The story follows a scientist from the future named Kalos who is spiraled into time, after the human colonies are invaded by a group of monsters called the Devoid. The main characters awakens 2000 years in the past where the humans live above the clouds. Given the power to re-write the entire future of humanity, the player follows Kalos on a grand journey as he tries to change historic events and create his ideal world.

It does have some twist and its a bit dark at times, but theres plenty of the Sky Era

As the original slogan would suggest, its something familiar, yet, completely foreign. I think it will appeal to a large audience. I didnt include a lot of the annoying characters JRPGs love adding. Some of the tropes will be there, but more Americanized I guess.

Details will be coming now in November reveal. Got a lot of cool things to show off, so I will see you all then!

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