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The Day My PS4 Arrived...(Condensed in small intervals)

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8:00 AM

My quiet cubicle at work is suddenly interrupted by a loud ring from my Samsung Galaxy Note 3. I quickly dart to the phone sitting on the right edge of my desk and notice I got a message from ebay. The PS4 has been delievered? Its only been a day, this couldnt be right. I stealthily hid my phone from the wondering eyes of my noisy manager.

I take an early bathroom break and used google chrome on my phone. PS4 has been delivered! I knew I was in for the longest nine hours of work in my entire life. It was christmas morning again and I could already smell the new plastic-lush scent of the shiny glacier PS4 waiting for me when I got home.

12:00 PM

My sister calls and tells me I have a box. Welcome to 4 hours ago!

5:12 PM

I cut off a Chevy Silverado and arrived at my house with record time. Somehow I shaved three minutes off of my usual return for work. The box lay idly in the living room. The box had a colorful display of "Destiny" in obnoxiously large letters across the box. It smelled like a new pair of sneakers. I opened the box and thought I time traveled; the PS4 looked like a space telephone or communication device from star trek or something. I took the console out of the box and in typical male fashion, threw the box of instructions to the side.

5:30 PM
Its been 10 minutes and I cannot find out how to turn this thing on. Where the HECK is the POWER BUTTON!? "Maybe I touch the PS4 logo--no." Finally picked up the instructions. The power button was somewhere in the middle crevice of the console. I still didnt see the buttons, but I ran my finger across the crevice and a magical blue light surround the center of the PS4. The Neighbors next door could hear my thrills.

6:00 PM
Alright everything is set up, the controller is hooked up and my body is ready. I pop in Destiny. Ok...whats this?

"The PSN network is experiencing issues, please try again later."


Long story short, I didnt get online until about 10 PM. I went ahead and took care of a few errands. So far, I really like the PS4. The controller is awesome. I did feel like it could use a bit more ram, but I did not experience lag yet. I played Destiny for about an hour and downloaded FF XIV. This downloads games heaps faster than the PS3.

I am really excited to be officially part of current gen gaming! I'll post a review once I play with it a bit more.

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