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Back to working on getting Mm Picked

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After a long hiatus from working in LBP, I decided to come back to creating levels, but for the one thing I wanted most out of video gaming - to get team picked, or Mm Picked whatever it's called. So far, I have no levels in the Mm Picks. I haven't even got my Tile Turmoil level played by the person in charge of the Mm Picks (even though he played the other levels in the same spotlight).

If you want to know why I quit aiming for the Mm Picked pin a while ago, it's because I cancelled too many projects as I get bored of creating during mid-level. And somehow, I phased out, until LBP3 came.

One reason why I stopped playing is because 3 layers wasn't really enough. Thanks to the new 16 layer feature, there's more I can do now. I'm still bad at making sequencer musics, and now I can't make any good ones since LBP3 didn't count special edition dlc as usable when LBP1 GOTY DLC was usable in LBP3. I have to purchase the Move Pack now, which I don't have enough funds for. But I can still do the rest (including visuals).

LBP3's new tools and the old materials and items transferred to LBP3 got me back into playing LBP. It may be buggy, but that's not going to stop me.

Somewhere later, I may bring up some of the stories I had with The Bell Tree Forums and ACNL. Since TBT is very active everyday, I use it more than LBPC. I'm even spreading the word on LBP3 on that site. The reason why I had to join TBT is because I was playing Animal Crossing a lot, and I needed to join a site that focuses about the game. But now, there's not much work left to do in StarFall, so it's back to LBP. But my time in LBP2 is over. LBP3 may not be as big right now, but I can't play LBP2 anymore. It's not that fun anymore.
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