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Stuff that only an Animal Crossing player knows

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It's been a long time since I blogged here on Little Big Planet Central. Do you think I have changed after I've been really inactive? If you wanna know why, I've been more active on the Bell Tree Forums. Since I'm more on the Animal Crossing side than any other game, an AC website is more appropriate for me. Even so, my AC obsession is too strong, even on Bell Tree. But that's because I've been utilizing the blog feature a lot. This explains why my blog there is unusually big for the other members on that site.

Anyway, after being on Bell Tree for so long, I've picked up knowledge on stuff commonly used by Animal Crossers (people who play Animal Crossing: New Leaf) that people who have little knowledge on that 3DS game may not understand. I have two lists: one of them is about the stuff that only Animal Crossers know, and the other is a list of things you won't understand unless if you use Bell Tree.

Stuff that only ACers know:

  1. What a void is. Not the Minecraft void, but the void or voiding in New Leaf is.
  2. Time traveling - to change the in-game clock to move to different seasons or different times of the year.
  3. Cycling
  4. Plot Resetting
  5. Diving Trick
  6. Some of the abbreviations (such as ABD, PWP, TPC, FC, and more to name)
  7. Dreamie
  8. Villager Tier system (like Tier One or Tier Five villagers)
  9. Duping (you may be familiar what duping is in gaming, but New Leaf has that problem too)
  10. The ordinances in ACNL
  11. Why sea basses are considered "bad".
  12. Definition of "orderable" and "unorderable".
  13. Golden Tools, Silver Tools, and their functions.
  14. The badges in ACNL.
  15. Why furniture less than 3,000 Bells (the currency in Animal Crossing) cost over 10,000 Bells when trading with another online player.
  16. Perfect fruits
  17. The animal moving mechanic and why it's bad.
  18. Beetle farming and shark harvesting
  19. Alts (secondary human characters in town)
  20. The names of the locations (such as the Re-tail)
  21. The names of the villagers and non-villagers.
  22. The different snow people
  23. The names of the holidays in ACNL
  24. Re-Tail Method

There's a lot of other terms and facts that New Leaf players know a lot about. You may not understand what those terms mean, but when you start joining communities that are centered on Animal Crossing, you would learn more about these.

Stuff that only a TBTer knows:

  1. Collectibles and why they are so special
  2. The abbreviations of the forum currency (commonly referred to as TBT).
  3. The wi-fi ratings
  4. The names of the forums and what they do
  5. The site events (such as the TBT Fair)
  6. The exchange rate between the forum currency and game currency.
  7. Types of threads in the shop forums (like giveaways and auctions).
  8. The collectible craze (such as refreshing the shop).

Yeah, only a small portion of ACers use TBT, and I'm one of them. This means that even fewer people know about what I said in the second list. Since I've been there long enough, I know a lot about the site.

Additionally, some users get more recognition than others, and I'm one of them, even when I'm not a member for at least a year. And yes, my TBT username is the same as my LBPC username. I even talk about LBPC there occasionally. But they hardly understand LBP and the fansites.

That's all I can say for today. Of course, every game has terms used by the fanbase that people outside don't understand all the time. I mean, I don't understand most of the Pokemon after Mew or some of the stuff in Minecraft, and the fans know a lot about them.