Now Available: Buh! and Pirate Storm Pt. 1

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For your entertainment, I have a double-feature!

These are my last two LBP2 levels which will most likely NEVER get finished. So I figured I'd just throw them out there, un-done, and unpolished, so people could see what could have been.

Buh! The Escape from Jellyland Prison

Originally conceived for the Buddy Building contest, with plenty of thermo left. This level stands incomplete because I was taking too long to finish it, and by God is it PINK. You'll notice the details taper off as the level proceeds, particularly past the "Yard" area. At present, this level is missing only 3 obstacles. A pit you fall down and have to hit switches to get out, a stair-step upwards, and a brief confrontation with the villain.

The level was also going to include a boss fight, and the second cutscene was going to be made click-thru once I figured out how I did the first one. The level was going to be stocked with Creator Cameos. Presently represented are avundcv, Xerorouge, Buddy Destruction, and Idgo. Others planned were Matthaniel, RockSauron, Shropshirelass, and EnochRoot. This sadly never came to pass for various reasons.

Even so, the level is playable, but incomplete.


CC2-6: Pirate Storm

You may recall my Crystal Crisis 2 series. Well, this was a mysterious unmade Level 6 that I ended up making anyway once I discovered Tag Labels made a tag unique. Pirate Storm was going to be a 3-Part level like Hero Academy, because I wanted to include instructions on how to beat the ghosts. If you don't kill all of them in a room at once, you can't proceed.

This level boasts a very long custscene up front which you cannot skip (sorry). This would have been followed by a "Deck Race" on the ship where you chase down Hermia, followed by a boss battle with Captain Quartez. I have all the assets for the boss fight in place, but not the programming for the actual fight-flow. I did so much I lost track of it all, and cannot remember how to proceed.

Despite that, the Quartez fight would have been very fun and disorienting, so I will most likely pick it up again some day.


These are just incomplete levels not worthy of showcasing, but they're published now to play. I'm not really looking for reviews or critiques, because they're otherwise bound for the garbage anyway. But since I had spare LBP2 spaces, I figured I'd open them up for kicks.

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  1. biorogue's Avatar
    I'll queue them up. I was considering doing the same thing with my unfinished LBP2 levels. But I was going to mash them together into one level kind of like my community mashup level I did that has 3 different themes to it. But now that my PS3 fried, I can't even access them.