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The Six Important Things I Learned While LBPC Was Down

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Yup its still being made. Teasing the Chrono Chrysalis PS4 reveal. Follow me on twitter for more on the project @Xyphasl

Like many of you, I have gotten MUCH older since I first joined this website and while I still dont consider myself a LBP elite, I have learned a few things in my time here. To celebrate the return of the largest LBP fansite ever, I thought I would recap my most recent pool of revelations I have discovered while LBPC kicked the bucket and it was so many that I just will do a ESPN style top 6.

6. Felkroth Is Not a Girl!

So, after a long day of viewing development on the MM picked Treasure Hunter, I had a chance to pick the brain of one of the legendary creators Felkroth. During this time, I stumbled upon a revelation. My LBP Crush, of which I have publicly acknowledged, was of the male gender. Of course, he's still just as awesome! I guess its more of a bro crush? Erm...anyways I just thought I might want to tell other people since I am not the only one that came to the conclusion Felk was a girl. In fact, I got it from one of you guys out there :P

5. The Dynamic Thermometer Still Sucks

Even after a year has passed, the most advertised feature of LBP3 at release is arguably still the least used.

I dont think its going to change.

4. The LBPV Style Notes Changes A Lot
If you would have told me 4 years ago that we would be able to display clean HD text at no cost of thermometer, I would have delayed every RPG project I had in mind. This is a life saver...for well any game! Cutting text and making sure everything is scaled and trying to save thermometer was a development cycle all on its own. Did I mention the text can display signals! Hello, health displays anyone? And why has noone made a Smash Brothers Game with this yet!

3. StevenI is a great addition to the community

Despite the lure of bashing efforts of Sumo Digital to repair the LBP franchise, I feel like StevenI has been in really close contact with the community, particularly in LBPC's absence. In fact, I probably wouldnt know half of whats going on without one of his tweets. Which brings me to the next revelation.

2. Everyone should be using Twitter

Its time to get with the times. Social gaming is the way of the new world. Games are moving online and the only way to stay up with the community(or at least the most effective way) is using the biggest social media outlet out there, Twitter. Its even easier than setting up your LBPC account, so why not? Your levels can instantly get advertised on the internet. Heck, I uploaded picture from my RPG and got more likes than I had followers at the time. In the words of Eazy E, "its pretty dope" #StraightOutaCompton

1. Dreams by MM may be the future

What can actually beat out Little Big Planet when it comes to user create content on consoles? Well perhaps its own creator. If the trailer of Dreams is any indication, Sackboy may be taking a vacation while we work in this charming 3D create game coming out sometime in the future. I mean, its so beautiful I almost cried. Probably because I didnt have any tears left after the Final Fantasy VII reveal.

Did I miss something or did you want to share anything you learned during LBPC's absence? Feel free to comment below!

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    Yay! Glad to see you're still developing this!