heart felt encouragement for anyone who happens to need it.

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please... consider this:
The crappy stuff is always the loudest, and most visible. Jealousy, greed, effed-up behavior in-general. It blares in our ears, eyes, and minds. and, if you let it, it can echo from mouth to ear, to heart, and over again until it seems like that's all there is.
But there's more. It's quiet, and It never gets shown on the news, and doesn't come up when people talk, but:
there's a woman, who keeps a quarter apart to slip in the gumball machine as she passes because she loves whatever kid wanders up to it to try the handle next.
There's a Man, who for one instant, loves the stranger he stops from stepping off the curb into a bus, like a brother.
Even if you look, and listen as hard as you can, you can't find it all, because it's hidden. We hide it because it could make us look weak, or perverted, or just wrong, so we do it on the sly. I think every one does. In spite of all the **** that could come down on us for it, we still do it. That's because there's something about us that's more powerful than the hate, and posturing.


  1. xxMATEOSxx's Avatar
    True words.

    There's also the idea that we take the good for granted. Or undersell it. What is leaving a gumball for a kid? That's nothing. So it stays hidden.
  2. CuriousSack's Avatar
    Well spoken and thanks for this encouragement! Many greeings, Jürgen^^