Various Nonsensicals

To Metaphor Me

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This is a disaster. It should be too.

You're saying it should be a disaster?

You misunderstand me. This needs to be too.

Two? That's a stretch. I don't think you know what you're talking about.

What? No! Too. You put a to there when it should be too. What you have is undisputed chaos.

I would say that it's pretty disputed.

Look. Just listen to me.

Wait, am I looking or listening?

I...Should I even dignify that trainwreck of a question with an answer?

Well if you're going to just sit here and rain on my parade-

You just need to do one simple thing. Change this to to too.


I'm choosing not to dignify that void of logic with a response.

You know what? Forget it. Helping you here would just be a band-aid on your writing ability anyway. I will not say anything else.

That'll be music to my ears.



Ok then!

Wonderful! Now if you have nothing else to say, I'm going to get back to this .

You do that then.

Actually, one more thing.

What's that? also forgot to put quotes around the dialogue.

You know what? This is a disaster. I'm just going to stop now.