Better Late Than Never - Entry Number 2

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This entry is slightly overdue, but as they say, better late than never

I've made some reasonable progress in my quest to re-establish interest in the LBP franchise. I called out to the folk on the Little Big Planet community page on PS4, inquiring for anyone who might be interested in creating. And someone actually replied! Whoopee! I would say their online ID, but that might be a bit rude (but also, I can't remember, it being a new name and all, lol).

We decorated a pod together, played some levels and generally messed around. It was all great fun, and it felt just like the old times, where LBP was all about doing what you feel, jumping from one level to the next, with someone else sharing the experience with you. It had been too long since I'd last played LBP with someone else, and it was a brilliant

I've also been making steady progress on my Gaming Welders recruitment level. It features a rather mind opening...... opening sequence, involving that handy pod glitch! I managed to compose a soundtrack of sorts for that level as well. Amazingly I managed to finish the track within in a few hours, which I've never done before. I usually work on a piece of music bit by bit over several days, or weeks even. To make such rapid progress in such a short space of time was fantastic! It's the kind of attitude towards creating which I've always wanted, and it seems, it's starting to come true.

Well, I have one more week of term on my University course before I break up for Christmas, which should be a reasonable excuse as to why I have not posted this blog earlier. But considering I don't have any work to do over the holiday, I should be able to spend plenty of time further developing my reunion with Little Big Planet.

Let's see what the future brings. Here's hoping it will be a bright one.

Until next time sack folk!