The end of Battle with Zombies in LBP

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yes, the end of Battle with Zombies is close. I will publish the last part of BWZ in LBP Vita, where it all really started. There are some reasons why I don't want to make another BWZ after this last one.

1. Audience
It seems that I can't reach out to the target audience in LBP. The audience of LBP wants fast action, easy levels. My BWZ levels were always very challenging. Some people liked it though.

2. Ideas
I still have some ideas for future stages like a cold place, a empty town, a small forest or even another Call of Duty map. But I don't want the logic to be the same. People complained about that at my first BWZ levels. And the ideas for more content in the ingame shop or more game modes are missing.

3. LBP's limitations
I am not going to say that you can't make good levels in LBP because you have limitations, because you can make good levels and try to work with the limitations. But if I wanted to add more logic, the game would start to stutter really hard in playmode. ON PS4. More logic means more work for the system and it seems that LBP can't handle too much, when your visual design is complex.

4. It's not endless
BWZ is not endless. After some time it gets repetitive.

Those are the reasons why I am not making more BWZ levels. It doesn't mean I leave LBP. I still have many many projects and ideas for LBP.

Look forward and stay tuned!

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  1. koltonaugust's Avatar
    Commenting on #3: The hard part about avoiding stuttering in LBP is optimizing the logic which isn't really made to be optimized. It gets ugly to do things as efficiently as possible, but there's always a way to make things function decently even if that means faking the logic when possible. I find optimizing in vita the easiest due to the impact sensor being 1000x better than in LBP3