PS4 and Move Update

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Aiight, so apparently my brother thought the PS4 was a shared console between the two of us.
Long story short of the whole ownership thing;
my father and I (without knowing) both bought PS4s the Black Friday after launch. We spoke over the phone (immediately after my purchase), where he convinced me to return mine, and accept the one he got for us.
His convincing worked, and I returned my console.

Come Christmas, the tag said just my brothers name. I kinda felt deceived. I dunno... I guess it's up to interpretation.

Anyway, my brother, not knowing that story until recently, decided to consider the PS4 a shared console.
To determine who got to keep it, we decided to roll dice.
Though, he did own it more than me (my ownership was strictly based on sympathy I guess), so we set the odds in his favor: on a d20, I'd win with 1-5, and he'd win with 6-20.
He rolled a 2, so... I won.

It's still not sitting quite right with me. I don't really like games of chance. But we both agreed to the terms so... fine.

I guess I can continue my work on Axis-3D then. Still not going to be able to dedicate much play-time though, what with having to find a job in the new area and whatnot.

I still feel kinda bad though...


  1. koltonaugust's Avatar
    Lol, this story is kind of funny in how it ended. Sounds kind of annoying during though. I wouldn't feel too bad though. If he really wants a PS4, they aren't too expensive now. That, and having time away from the PS4 is extremely rewarding as well.