Axis-3Ds Fate

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To be honest, the only reason I made Axis-3D was for the mathematics challenges I'd face. It seemed fun and... possible I guess.

Though seeing the "Profile is Corrupt" menu screen has... certainly put the brakes on any enthusiasm I had towards the project, it's not entirely out of the question that I could rebuild it even better than before.

I do have an old backup I stored into a flash drive with some... archaic logic that seems to indicate I was gearing up for Axis-3D.
There's lots of Trig and Calc type chips, though from that point on, I refined and even completely remade many of them.

Frankly, the question isn't if I can rebuild Axis-3D... its if I should.

I've had plenty of struggles with LBP3, but this is the first profile corruption I've experienced. And... it hurts man.
With that firmly in mind, in addition to LBP3's reputation for very similar instances, and even worse... is it really worth pouring in so much effort?

I get that I could start anew with constant backups... (fool me once and whatnot)
But I just kinda feel like I already accomplished my own personal goal from Axis-3D, which was to see if it was possible to simulate actual 3D coordinates/space in LBP.

Maybe, later down the road, I can remotivate myself... and redelve into LBP3. But I think for now, I'll take a possible indefinite break from the game.