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The first idea!

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The first idea!

How to get an idea for a song? Thats a really good question! And there may be endless answers!
I've tried different ways to get inspired, I ordered myself to dream a song, but next morning I could't remember my dream anymore!
I listened to the sounds of my environment, but I've only got ear noises from them. I went deep into the Bavarian woods to listen to the masters of singing...and yeah! I got a really fine idea... but someone else had got the same idea already before me...

I get my best ideas when I'm playing the piano! Not doing technical exercises, but doing some chords with the left hand and giving my right hand...a free hand!

I've seen tutorials, where people recommend to begin with the rhythms... I'm always starting with some chords in the way

C major - F major - G major - C major continuous loop! Playing such loops with my left hand gives me a feeling for the pitch and then my right hand starts to try some fitting tones and a first melody!

I've recorded such a session on video... are you ready for a little look over my shoulder?

You may say...interesting!
My family always says...torture! Stop it! Or you'll get banned!
Only good that I have some that I can't hear their lamentation!

( be continued)
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