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I'm still creating music!

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Hi friends,

there`s been a long time since my last post here, then I've been working on my "Do you fear Death?"-project... and shortly before I could finish it my PS3 crashed!... and then I got me a PS4 and I got me LBP3 and... I decided to cancel all my earlier projects and to start a new career in LBP3!

All the time I've done my music, music has been the common thread through all my projects! I've met great musicians in the community and everybody had his own way and style to do his music!
So I thought to myself... why not show people the way how I do my music?
...why not show them the "CuriousSack"-style of composing?

To say it clear! I am not a professional musician! In my youth I had a short encounter with guitar playing, but without mentionable result. I also tried to learn the contrabass, I learned it for about two years, but when I left school I had no money to buy me an own instrument, so I stopped playing contrabass!
And then nothing... for a really long time... 25 years long!
But when I was about 45 years old I started to experiment a bit with my father-in-law's piano and I discoverd my love for this instrument! And I took piano lessons! And this opened the world of composing my own music to me!

Since I'm just working on some songs for my "Pairs Unleashed Vita" project, I will show you in my next posts, how I'm doing my songs, from the beginning with my first ideas to the finished song!

Many greetings, Jürgen^^

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