Axis-3D Minor Update

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So... Axis-3D has been on the back-burner for about 2 months now I'd say.
But in the moments that I actually had time to work on it, I've spent the time expanding it's repertoire of props... and locations.
A good friend spent some of their spare time on my behalf to locate modded decorations from the community... and stumbled upon entire level backgrounds converted into decorations.
Usually, as far as HFMiles mods are concerned, all we had were background props. I don't personally know if these new decorations were from HFMiles and were removed, or if someone new captured them.
Frankly, the question of ethics doesn't bother me as much as... maybe they could make more.
I know that's terrible... and I'm essentially asking someone to "take one for the team" (risk being banned for a few in-game asset acquisitions)... but it just so happens that Axis-3D requires a very specific kind of asset.
Not the least of which would be an invisible sackbot whose decorations are still visible. HFMiles gave us an invisible skinned costume yes, but with the stitches, tongue, and eyes still visible, it's not quite up-to-par.

The location decoration I've got could be used as a map for a silly toy FPS: teddy bears, dolls, wooden soldiers, etc.
Or maybe a prop-hunt type of game. It could all be done in true 3D with LBP of all things... still kinda funny actually.

Essentially, since I'm not putting any direct work into the project, I've instead spent the time gathering resources for it.
This includes making distinct icons for every microchip within the system, revamped microchips such as the sin(x) chip (Whose had it's complexity cut by half!), music crafted specifically for the project by a friend, and more.

So gears are technically turning even though I've been away; which is a good sign I think. And with all these resources, by the time I get back into the swing of things, I'll be like a green snake in a sugar-cane tree.


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    Alright! I didn't want to make a whole new blog entry, so a comment will do!
    Axis-3D is finally caught-up to where it was before my profile corruption.
    I know it took awhile, but there were insights into certain mechanics that I lost the first time around. For instance, the god-awful character rotation tweaker.
    (2 of it's 3 rotational axes are local to the sackbot, but 1 isn't... it's global)

    I'm now confronted with my age-old enemy... the visible Sackbot!... again.
    I've tried manipulating LBP3's layer-rendering glitches that Sackbots and Decorations share... but found nothing promising.
    Simply scaling the Sackbots down to planck-scale may work... but I would need to recalibrate a few props (not the funnest bit).

    Anyways... again; any good suggestions would be appreciated.