mdkd - years later

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Hello LBPC!
Time for a new blog entry!
I read a few of my old blog entries and I noticed that I'm a different person. 'Well, people change' you might say, and that's right. Though I also noticed that I'm a perfectionist. And a weird person.

I'm always feeling guilty for things that happened 3 years ago. I promised a ingame shop for the Battle with Zombies levels. I never made something like that before in 2013. I kept promising that sweet sweet shop feature, though I didn't have the knowledge to actually make those promises more than just that.

Than there is the 'old mdkd' thing. My real brother abandoned LBP, so I created a fantasy brother, who also played LBP. That sounds like a bad idea, especially when you look up the posts I made back then. So awkward...

It's not a big deal, everyone has this period in his life, where he wants to feel loved, needed, understood. And in the end I seem to forget that back in 2013 I was a teenager. Now in 2017 I'm not a old guy, but a young man who has more knowledge and experienced some more things.

But why am I writing this? Maybe I am writing this to feel superior to my former self. Maybe I am writing this to tell people that I finally changed and that I'm sorry. In the end we'll never know and we can only guess, why my confused mind does such things.

Thanks for reading! Have a great day.



  1. CuriousSack's Avatar
    Hi Domenic, I know you since the time when your family had this "additional member", and yes, you've changed!'ve become a really good friend!
    Many greetings, Jürgen^^