Dreams - My opinion

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Hey guys,
I guess some of you have heard of Dreams, the new game of MM. I have watched the trailer and MM's livestreams.

It is amazing, what MM has created here. Their story mode was made with the ingame tools. That means, that a creator could make a similiar adventure.

There are many features and I'm sure everyone will find something he loves. There are many music tools and you can actually import sounds with a app. This is great for people, who always wanted to edit their voice acts so it sounds better or people, who want to add their own instruments.

I heard it has a similiar thermometer system, but I suppose there will be more space due to the power of the PS4. It sounds promising.

I think, Dreams can bring the LBP community together - only in a other game. Dreams could be the future of LBP's idea. I hope MM gets enough time to finish their game properly. LBP3 was great, but unstable.

What do you think?
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  1. CuriousSack's Avatar
    I'm totally excited and it probably will be the masterpiece that we all wished that it would be! Nevertheless LBP will have a special place in my heart cause of all the memories with all my friends!
    And maybe one of my first Dreams projects will become a sackboy adventure!