what happened to littlebignetwork and littlebigplanetarium?

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as you know from the title LBN and LBPlanetarium are missing. However LittleBigNetwork has been converted to a japanese lottery site and on LBPlanetarium its on for sale. I haven't been on LBC, LBN, and LBPlanetarium for a few years now and I'm glad to see LBC is still here and active, but what happened to the other 2? Can you guys fill me in please?


  1. biorogue's Avatar
    LBN, we lost it. It's kind of a long story but in the end we were trying to decide on whether to keep the site or just move to a new place for the upcoming Dreams. We decided that as sad as it was, to let it go and made the site So the majority of us old LBN members are now over at the new site. Come by and visit.

    Planetarium, Baghead just let it go. There was only one or two people still posting, me and one other person so Baghead was like it ain't worth paying for this. So it went away too. I think LBPC is the last of the great LBP sites. It's going to be super sad to see this place go. I've called this place home for 10 years. Crazy.