9 years, huh?

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At least, that's the year i made my last post. A lot has changed, hasn't it?

  • Media Molecule moved on from the LittleBigPlanet Series after the release of 2. Creating the perfectly imaginative Tearaway, arguably one of the best games ever made,
    and fully evolving the "Play, Create, Share." mantra of the series with Dreams.
  • Two new console generations have happened, with the latter being mere days away. Sony even dropped a new handheld during this period, though it tragically became a commercial failure outside of Japan.
  • Online forums like this one are no longer everyone's main hangout nowadays, with people flocking to social media sites like Twitter.
  • Despite everything, LittleBigPlanet is still an active series to this day. After bouncing between several developers for the DLC, it appears Sony has settled on Sumo Digital as the main creator. With them releasing a 3rd installment and even rebooting the franchise in time for the PS5 launch.

As for me, i've been through some personal struggles that i'm still coping with. But i've grown significantly in the years since. This account was made when i was just 10 years old!

My current job nowadays is being an archivist. Some notable works i've done include documenting Tomohiro Kawasae's involvement in early emulation projects at Nintendo, uploading numerous artworks and covers for Mobygames, and demonstrating how broken Metacritic's user scores are.

I'm not sure how many people i once talked to on here are still around, but i thought it would be fun to post here in the lead up to the PS5 launch and the return of Sackboy.

- Krvavi Abadas
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