The Flow

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The Flow by Draden6436
Sackboy has found his way out of jail on prison island, step 1 done, now to get off the island!!! An epic platformer.

I give to you the flow!
It is already my most favourite platformer and I feel that it has been produced at my greatest creative LBP form.

Sackboy has found himself escaping prison island 300 years after being placed there (for reasons unknown... woooo)
You will need to do a great bit of oldschool platforming to get yourself out of a complete pickle.

After a tremendous and epic battle with the thermometer, a lot of fist-pumping has ensued the dramatic twist and turns of the ultimate power of the thermometer.
Unfortunately much has had to have been deleted from my level but I'd like to think I've kept the level looking like a Draden level and if all goes well then we shall be enjoying a tasty sequel sometime.

If someone can find the time to post a bit of feedback i will of course do the same back for you and would like to see waht all your opinions are on this platformer, its already 5 stars so I could do with an 'outsider' to raise a few pointers, gameplay is roughly 10 minutes long and I think this could be my first spotlighted level (nudge nudge wink wink)
It was entered as a competition level so please enjoy and siddylater.