PS3 Levels

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I have had the incredible fortune of having popular levels on PSP, and I wanted to make this blog post to encourage people to check out my LBL series on PS3 if they enjoy my PSP levels.

Now, I'm going to be straight up honest with you: I don't even have a PS3 now, I haven't had one for over 6 months, and I won't have mine back for over 3 more months. I'm actually not trying to beg for every play I can get. In fact, I am perfectly content sticking with the PSP and not even checking my plays and hearts on PS3 ever again

I only make this post because I want people to know that my levels are out there on PS3. They have the story elements of my PSP levels (like "Now and Then", "Shallow Springs", and "Destiny"), they have unique mechanics (or... they did back when they made them. I have no idea if they are unique since I haven't played PS3 community levels for 6 months), and they have the puzzles and challenges that you will find in my PSP levels.

The levels on PS3 are much longer, and tend to be a bit harder as well. Perhaps this turns you off to them, and that's just fine :-)

I just wanted to let you know that they were there.

Have a great day!


  1. Fastbro's Avatar
    *sigh* At times like this, I wish I had I PS3...
  2. theswweet's Avatar
    *sigh* At times like this, i wish my PS3s' Disk-Drive worked...
  3. amazingflyingpoo's Avatar
    Thanks for the replies Fastbro and swweet! It's great to see that people actually noticed that I made a blog post. I sort of figured that it would never be seen since I hadn't made a post before, and I've been a member of the site for over a year
  4. ThisIsInsane's Avatar
    Yeah, just like Fastbro: "*Sigh* At times like this, I wish I had a PS3"... :) No but really, I bet they rock! Alright, I'm checking Youtube to drool at them :D
  5. MattAstr's Avatar
    Well, I for one had the fortune of playing your first LBL level just the other day and it made me realise how limitless the PS3 version is (or so it seems.)

    And yeah Insane, they do rock.
  6. amazingflyingpoo's Avatar
    @ThisIsInsane: I guess I forgot to mention that the first two levels on my LBL series are on YouTube: LBL#1-Escape from LittleBigLand and LBL#2-The Search for LittleBigLand.

    @MattAstr: Heck yeah :-) Thanks for checking out LBL#1. It's great to hear that you liked it!
  7. JspOt's Avatar
    So the series is given up?
  8. grayspence's Avatar
    Really? Youre not digging the PS3 version anymore? 8( I wisht you would make some more on the PS3, please make it so! I loved your levels!
  9. himoks's Avatar
    Did you make only 4 levels on that storyline or have you maked 5th level? If you have i will run to my ps3 and find your level. I am such fan of your levels.
  10. The-Questor's Avatar
    When I get a PS3 I'm going to play these levels with amazingflyingpoo! That way all I need to do is play follow the leader.
  11. dylan-is-cool123's Avatar
    ps3'ers want more ps3 levels made, psp'ers (ME!) want more psp levels... what will you do poo?