creative juices drained... so...

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I tried doing a little work last night on the next part of chasing down and catching Dr. Punefarious... but I hated everything I was working on in the level, so I'm taking a creation break. {This time the "games play you"}

(.... or i'm just disappointed in the total comments per Play (cpp) for Part one.... ,an acceptable number of plays, but no comments on the planet on what they didn't like... although if it's because it's VERY difficult, that I can live with and would feel much better if people had said so.).

Plus I think my heart is now set on the museum level I want to create... That one I'm STILL stuck on as figuring out what it's supposed to look like and what it needs to have in it. (laser beams, podiums, pictures, and statuettes and stuff.)

I think, as promised, I'm going to do some of those reviews... but they won't be "requested reviews".. I"m hoping to find those "gems of levels that nobody knew about".

So I'm thinking it might just be the 'random word' review... and then just compare all the levels that word "xyz" brings up,..

PS: Speaking of lesser mentioned levels: "Big Trouble In Little Sacktown" (or something like that). I'm not usually much on promoting movie-based levels, but trust me, this one is fun and worth it...

(I gave it 4/5.. just cause I did what it told me to do at one point, but took a zillion repeat attempts to get it to register.)