Wise Gaming Quotes Episode 2

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This Quote is found on the American bad company 2 forums

[quote=battlefield.Le Freshmeat][quote=ps3.j7vikes]This makes it seem as if the guns are very unbalanced however. If indeed the An-94 is the most powerful AR it is NOT by much at all. The player still makes much, much, much more of a difference than any gun in this game does.[/quote]

No one is denying this in a general sense. Most guns have a fairly linear progression in regards to player skill and effectiveness. The better you are as a player, the better you'll perform with a gun. I'll say it clearly so people will understand and we can get rid of arguments that are just plain wrong: [i]the same holds true for the AN-94. The better a player you are, the better you'll perform with the weapon.[/i] That's just simple logic.

However... my gripe is that the Abakan is already extremely effective [i]even if you aren't particularly skilled[/i]. The gun is so noob-friendly that almost anyone can pick it up and go to town with it. Simply put: it's very easy to use. Compare it to the CG. Now, I'm not saying that the AN-94 is as broken as the CG (not by a long shot!) but the CG is a weapon that almost everyone agrees is overpowered. Yet why is the CG so broken? Because the entire skill factor is removed. Anyone can pick it up, miss their target wildly and still get kills. It's a noob weapon not because its the most effective one, but because it's a cheap one that requires no actual effort on the user's part.
And I don't think I need to mention that 'easy' weapons usually (but admittedly not always) tend to be overpowered.

And for the record: I don't hold excessive Abakan users in a particularly low regard, although it bothers me when they start claiming that they're all pro and 'leet' (similar to Trigger here who is actually [b]proud[/b] of his pre-patch M60 kills :roll: ), they automatically disregard any contrary opinions as coming from noobs and would never actually admit that the Abakan is noticeably easier to use and get kills with than the other AR's. I don't fault them simply because they use the best weapons, but because they actually go ahead and claim that the Abakan is just fine when statistics (and reality) clearly show it isn't.


  1. FlaminHotDawg's Avatar
    The CG isn't overpowered! It's the weakest rocket launcher, and the rockets travel slightly faster than those of the RPG. Other than that, it's the same as the RPG.