My first few couple of days here...

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So how do I do these blog thingamajigs. "YOU WRITE WHATS GOING ON IN LIFE FOOL." Oh, kthx. Erm, hi lbpcentra persons. ((Or anybody who would actually read this >.>)) My first week here has been fun, even if what I have been doing is pretty much lurking in the site looking at whats going on in the forums. I do occasionally say something, but in the end, I am pretty much lurking. I am too friggen shy to actually type something, beats me why, must be because of after like a loooooooooong time, I am actually new to something once again. Maybe I will stop lurking and actually start posting in the forums more and get more friends. Maybe. Anyways, being in this site with great and awesome people is to actually start getting to say something so I can know these awesome peoples =w=, but meh. Hey, if someone is actually reading this, erm, wanna be friends? lol Gotta start somewhere.


  1. BabyDoll1970's Avatar
    Don't be shy You'll be feeling at home in no time at all. Sure. Send me a LBPC friend request, I don't mind