Man, I am just horrible with coming up for level ideas for LBP2

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Fudge man, I can't seem to think of anything that would be something fun to make. All of the ideas I have come up with, don't interest me one bit. I mean my possibilities are pretty much endless in LBP2, but its like, nothing, none that are interesting to me and that make go "DATZ POYFECT BRO, FREE COOKIES FOR EVERYONE ". I am now in the pit of just plain silly ideas such as:
Idea Example 1: The Iron Banana.

Legends from ancient times have spoken of a magical fruit that gives eternal life to anyone who shoves it in a pudding cup, that fruit is known as "The Iron Banana". Some say it doesn't exist, some say that its just some metal banana with no meaning of existence at all, but the player begs to differ, as the player would go as far as crossing the plains of the Space Pirate Monkeys, the cursed villages of the Evil Cup Cake Teddy Bear, and go to space and go through the Galaxy of the Memes.

Idea Example 2: ORLY's Plague.

Due to an experimental accident in an underground base somewhere in the middle of land known as "CALIFORNIA" because of a simple rickroll virus that was in the MCC ((Main Controls Computer)) , a sudden plague has been spread around the world turning people into zombies with there heads turning into either of the ORLY Owl, The Great Carrot, or LOLWUT Pear. The player must venture through the main source of the plague, the underground base and find and destroy the MTC so that the plague can stop spreading through the air and infecting even more people.

I really need to think of more better ideas ._.


  1. Laharl's Avatar
    Well the first idea about the iron banana made me smile. I'd love to play a level like that. The second one could be good too. But I'd love to see the first one. I can help you come up with a storyline if you want. I'm great at planning, not execution. xP