Uh oh! D:>

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My birthday is tomorrow, ON A SCHOOL DAY, WHY?! FFFFFFFFFF- darn...I am hoping not many of my friends in real don't know of my birthday so I won't have to get 16 whole punches from each person. I guess I should also be happy that it is my birthday and that I am older, but usually my birthdays aren't nothing but pain from friends and no real party lol, and I am one of those people who don't really know what they want ^^;; So I always end up telling people "Gimmie yo' moneh....please?" So that way after like 5 months after I finally want something, I can buy it . I guess I already have what I want y'know? Well, almost already have what I want, but somethings can't be bought by money. *sad face* Meh, whatever, I should get my protective gear ready for tomorrow. I just had to be friended with that strong peoples *mumbles*