i have the itch of an artist... and it is really bugging me...

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well, lately, ive been making abunch of sketch art for my characters and stuff (stuff meaning things for lbp-lbp2).

ive been drawing ALL week, and now im at the moment to where i just wanna draw whatever comes to mind.

so sack brotheren and sisteren, tell me what to draw next.


1. has to be LBP related. (it can even just be a pic of our two sackpeople hanging out)

2. has to be funny/ entertaining (for me to draw it).

3. no naughties. or else someone, somewhere, a little sackperson dies. D:

4. if it involves your sackperson, please give a full description of what he/she looks like (a FULL description). so say:

hair (with/ without hat):
cloths: (be verry descriptive)
attitude: (happy, sad, goofy, mad, ect.)
misc: (and action or anything in that matter)

with that said, i will scan the pics i drew, and post them on my profile so everyone can se (i will of caurse tell who asked for the work)

so my brothers and sisters, tell me what to draw.