super skarmory... he called me a noob.

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if you dont know about super skarmory or his website... you might not get this.

a couple of weeks ago, me, spitty, and SS were in a brawl.

now... i might add this is when i had just gotten my stuff back.

i had chosen pokemon trainer, spitty had chosen falco, and he had chosen peach.

i had started off with ivysoar, and then ended with charizard.

i dint win the match but i got him down to one stock (when he had 3), while i only had one stock.

i later get a message that he called me a noob.

i did not spam, i did not get hit by obvious attacks, and i made an awesome comback with only one stock, and most of all i did my fair share to make a good fight with no overused moves (i didnt even attack him when he was on the ground or near the edge) ... i ask you forum... how in the world does that make me a noob?


  1. gamenerd-815's Avatar
    I think he was pretty mad that you were beating his but 1 to 3. That or you made him feel pethetic. I keep thinking you were talking about this game called Super Smash Brothers Brawl, It has all of those characters.
  2. JspOt's Avatar
    Yup, Brawl... skarm has no idea what he's saying.