Creator Interview: Mnniska

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Hello everyone, even though Mnniska will be taking a break from LBP, it seems I was able to interview him, he has created levels like "Little Red Riding Sack and the Sneaky H4Her, Part 1", "PaintUp!" and more. Anyway, here's the interview.

1. Out of all your levels, which is your favorite?

Hmmm, that'll probably be "If The Gardens had Pixie Sticks", mostly because I had so much fun creating it! Usually I have to really push myself through that middle phase in creating (you know, that one part where you're all out of usable ideas and nothing seems to work, no matter how many times you re-do it.) but in this one it just flowed on until then end! I had a real blast making strange material combinations, jumping rockstars and confused orange-haired duders hanging from rocks. Sure, some of my other levels may have a proper story from start to end, they might have some really well-planned gameplay and not just some random jumps put together, but this one have love, AND teacups!

If it's okay, I'd like to add my crazy puzzle level, "Demented Co-op" to my favorite list too baha. It's quite the opposite to "If The Gardens had Pixie sticks" if you think about it. It has real gameplay, a proper look and a story. It's also pretty long and even has a crazy bossy at the end! Frankly, this one was an absolute hell to create at times. I had to pretty much ban myself from playing with other people or creating other levels in order to move on. I'm extremely happy with the final result though. I'm feeling it's that one level where EVVVVVERYTHING is how I want it. Making the critic inside me 100% happy is a very nasty challange involving tears, blood and WAY too little sleep!

2. Are there any levels your working on and if so, could you give us some information about it? (This could be anything from the title, theme, plot, or even picture/teaser of the level.)

Well yes! There's a few ideas and projects cooking on my moon, right now I'm trying to concentrate on a level which focuses on fast-pased (very challangeing!) gameplay, a well-told story and some real replayability for hardcore players. I'm also planning on including some proper achievements/trophies/something in that direction so that you'll have to push your skills to the very limit in order to unlock everything! The theme is Ninjas, although I might just change it if my evil dark critical side goes "mehhhhhhh" at it.

3. Are there any creators/levels that inspire you to create or that you just think are awesome? (If there are too many to count than just name some of them.)

Yes indeed, there are quite a few creators that have inspired/encouraged me over my LBP lifetime.

I was amazed over TOBSn08's levels. They're just so fun, and good-looking, and HAPPY! His levels have everything a good platformer should have and always look brilliant. An excellent creator.

AmazingFlyingPoo is another neat author. He was the first who really managed to include a really interesting plot into an LBP-level if you ask me. His LBL series is amazing with their crazy mechanisms & story. This guy also has a bunch of sweet levels on the PSP which are not only very original but also brutally fun.

I was also very inspired by Lucidess' work. This guy always pulls something new off and that's a huge achievement of you ask me. He has made really fun minigames, HUGE platforming worlds and a crazy LBP-RPG (with menus, levelling up and a big world to explore). He's kinda unknown but that dosen't stop him from being a exellent creator.

o--aRBee--o is another guy I met when the game was all new and shiny. He's a great friend and is always one step ahead of me with logic and strange doodles. When I'm polishing my levels I usually let him in and he always manages to make the level that bit more interesting by adding small, small details which give the level a bit more ooomph! in the end.

I also have some good creator friends which I like sharing level ideas, feedback and time with. Of course there's loads of more creators that have made me go OOOOOOH, but these are the ones at the top of my head.

4. Do you have any tips on creating or keeping the thermometer low for other creators? If so, what is it? (This can be basic like not using too many materials or corners or can be really specific talking about certain stickers and sound effects you find useful or both.)

The thermo is split into loads of small thermos for things such as corners, objects, stickers, decorations, mag keys and so on. So if you've got a level just about to explode but have only used bare materials, you should be able to still sticker it properly. To use all small thermos in different ways is eccential for creating a long and good-looking level in most cases.

5. If you could add anything to little big planet that you don't think they're already adding, what would it be?

A real chat window in-game would be neat. Imagine having a chat window at the left of your screen and then inviting your friends in LBP to participate in the chat. A window would pop up like the "He got that score!" message that asks you if you would like to join. If you do, you would get to communicate with your friends in-game without being at the same place. This would also allow quick messaging which do not force players to open the real message box.

6. Is there anything or anyone outside of little big planet that inspires you to create or at least gives you some ideas?

I'm inspired by pretty much everything from irritating people to cold mornings. Almost everything I see, hear and think is considered to be LBP-alized. I also draw inspiration from other games that I play. Recently I got my hands on Loco Roco and that gave me some fresh and fun ideas to work with.

7. When and how did you get Little big planet?

I read a preview of the game a couple of months before release. I was not too impressed until I watched a gameplay video, but once I did, I was hooked, very hooked indeed. I sold my Wii, bought a PS3 and purchased the game on day one. And oh, what a happy day it was.

8. How did you get the name Mnniska?

Well, Människa means Human in swedish. I thought it sounded deep and philosiphical so I used it pretty much everywhere back then. When I was registering on PSN, I decided to remove the ä so that all the non-swedish people would not be so confused (although most people are confused about the name anyway baha) and there we have it, Mnniska! The only downside of the name is that it sounds a bit feminine so people usually think I'm a girl baha.

9. Are there any other games you play besides Little big planet?

LBP takes up most of my time with games, but when a interesting title comes along I'll purchase and experience it, like I did this summer with Super Mario Galaxy 2 (it was MAGICAL!). It's nice to have a break from all the creating and concentrating with some good ol' happy gaming fun.


  1. Ragnarok's Avatar
    Weird, I never thought Mnniska as a girl, anyway, I just know him because of that create mode level he made, some guy (that obviously didn't seem with the ability to make it) posted it as his own, I downloaded the level and found a Card where he placed his user name and some thanks for people that helped, the guy blocked his name with a black sticker, that's how i got to know about him!, good job with your levels, they are pretty cool!
  2. ShamgarBlade's Avatar
    Sweet!!! I was hoping you would do one for Mnniska! Mnniska's awesome!
  3. Dragonvarsity's Avatar
    Thanks guys, I hope doing the same questions for each interview isn't too boring. I can change it to match the creator more, but might take a bit more time. What do you think?
  4. Ragnarok's Avatar
    It's pretty interesting as it is now,btw, what will you do when you finish interviewing all famous creators! O_O and has there been any creator that rejected being interviewed?
  5. Dragonvarsity's Avatar
    Okay, good. Also, there was 1, but they were just very busy and better safe then sorry, I don't think I'll mention who it is. When we run out of great creators....hmmmm..................I'll make sure they've all been interviewed, not fully sure. But for now, there are still a bunch of amazing creators I haven't interviewed like Rio_lotta, Captaincowboyhat, Hallm3, Aselrahc, TheManOfSteel3ko, etc.