LBP's Greatest Stories 1: The 3D glitch

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Me, thi766 and bakscratch heard about a 3D glitch. We hidden it, but forgot. Some months later bak remembered and he had a tutorial that he showed me when we hidden the glitch. I was 2nd to know how to make it and 3rd to use it. We were the real founders, but nobody knew I had something to do with it, they were famous... I was an 11 year old with 60 hearts at the time, now 90, I was alexgangsta3... YLOD!

Please look out or tell me true stories.

Story told by alexgangsta3/4.


  1. xtremesackboy's Avatar
    You really enjoy taking cred for crap you didnt even do. Admit it. I'm 15, had the game for 2 years, most of my levels have been published near then and republished countless amounts of times, and dont even have 30 hearts yet, even though my one level has almost 800 plays!
  2. alexgangsta4's Avatar
    Wrong, I am friends of bak and thi, thi gave me, bak showed me. OK?
  3. alexgangsta4's Avatar
    2 and a half years for your info!!!!!!!!!
  4. Dragonvarsity's Avatar
    Maybe the reason xtreme thinks you're lying is because you tell all these stories about famous peop;e and how you were with them all along. Not trying to diss you but I can see how people wouldn't believe you. I'm not saying I don't but..
  5. alexgangsta4's Avatar
    I understand, xtreme never will...