LBP's Greatest Stories: Intro

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So, I was alexgangsta3, friend with TheWiggler and NemesisNinja. I met Hoppla14 from NN, met Purro77 from NN. Dan_Westy from H14. StylerTito from H14, thi766 from himself, bakscratch from t766. It kept building...

1.5 years later...

Ooh, Assassin's Creed 2 is very good... YLOD!!!
Smash up PS3 for disc, sell disc. Have PS3 funeral. Get new PS3, create alexgangsta4 as I don't know password... Add some friends, the rest... LOST, recently found: dr-booty, StylerTito...

What happened to Hoppla14? KOPAL1? Dan-Westy? MrRoBoTcHeEsE? If you remember me, add me, I have launched LBP's greatest stories to find everyone...

Next: TheWiggler.


  1. TOXIC_KILLA_'s Avatar
    lol , the same happened to me , i've got 3 ylod on the same system , at lasr i had to let him go...
    oh well, i got a slim now
  2. alexgangsta4's Avatar
    So have I, I hope there are no YLOD on slims, or it could be a slim chance! Geddit?
  3. Spencer591's Avatar
    i had a 40gb for like 3 years then it got ylod (hdd corrupted so i punched it) got a slim it was garbage so i traded it for the original backwards compatible 60gb best ps3 made :D
  4. alexgangsta4's Avatar