Creator Interview: Fotosynthesis1

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Hello everyone, here's another interview, this time we interview Fotosynthesis1, creator of "Spike World", "Frozen Village" and many more levels I need to play. Anyway, here's the interview.

1. Out of all your levels, which is your favorite?

It's hard to choose one. Every one of my levels has some elements I'm particulary proud of. But if I have to make a decision I will say it's Little big Dessert, which is also my most popular adventure to date.

2. Are there any levels your working on and if so, could you give us some information about it? (This could be anything from the title, theme, plot, or even picture/teaser of the level.)

The level I'm currently working on is called "Frightmares". It's a remake of one of the adventures I have made for the PC-game SPORE. It's a surrealistic, nightmare-like journey through creepy environments with lots of special effects.

3. Are there any creators/levels that inspire you to create or that you just think are awesome? (If there are too many to count than just name some of them.)

I really liked the levels made by Poms and most of the levels made by Steve_Big_Guns. I wouldn't say they inspired me to create in the first place but they did give me a good idea of what's possible with LBP. Another level I really like is Industrial Assistance 2 by Jackofcourse. This level inspired me to make a two player co-op level aswell. The levels by Lockstitch are also amazing because of their smooth visuals and intriguing platform movements.
I realize I just listed what is probably the top 4 of most popular creators, but the truth is I don't play that many levels (I'm almost always creating when playing LBP), which means I'm not very familiar with the work of other creators...sorry

4. Do you have any tips on creating or keeping the thermometer low for other creators? If so, what is it? (This can be basic like not using too many materials or corners or can be really specific talking about certain stickers and sound effects you find useful or both.)

I'm probably the last guy you should ask about thermo management... I always just keep adding to the level until it's full and then I start deleting corners and moving stuff around to fit all the essentials in. In my last couple of levels I've also used the emitter thermo-glitch to fit more into one level.
I'm really starting to get the hang of this glitch, which you will be able to see when my new level comes out. In this level I managed to fit two levels with full thermo into one.

5. If you could add anything to little big planet that you don't think they're already adding, what would it be?

Hard question. I still discover new tricks and new ways to use old elements every day, so I'm still quite satisfied with the tools given. One thing I do hope they will change is the maximum amount of published levels. I'm currently on 19 and far from done! But I really can't answer this question properly because I honestly have no idea what will and will not be added in LBP2. I'm sure it will be awesome either way.

6. Is there anything or anyone outside of Little big planet that inspires you to create or at least gives you some ideas?

I get my inspiration from movies, series, comics, cartoons, anime, dreams, books, stories and other video games. Once I've thought of a new theme for a level I'm just always thinking about what would fit in it or how I could improve it. I often get the best ideas during dull moments at work, where I write them down to try out at home.

7. When and how did you get little big planet?

I got LBP in December 2009, when I bought my PS3. Back then I was a very active creator for the PC-game SPORE and I had heard some good things about the creation tools in LBP and I decided to give it a try. I simply fell in love with the style of the game from day one and after playing the story mode and some community levels (with a constant smile on my face), I decided to give the level editor a chance. I've been hooked on creating LBP levels from that day and I haven't really looked back at SPORE since.

8. How did you get the name Fotosynthesis1?

SPORE was (well-)known under the name Fotosynthesis. Unfortunately someone already took that name on the PSN network. So when I had to choose a name I added the lame 1 at the end...
As to why I choose the name Fotosynthesis in the first place... I have a biology master (photosynthesis is probably the most important chemical reaction on the planet) and I thought it sounded catchy and the (intentional) spelling error makes it stand out.

9. Are there any other games you play besides Little big planet or Little Big Planet 2?

Well like I said I used to play a lot of SPORE and before that WoW and Counterstrike. but nowadays I only play the better singleplayer franchises like Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Fallout and sometimes FIFA. Most of my playtime is by far for LBP though.


  1. Dragonvarsity's Avatar
    Well, it turns out Foto's level "Frightmares" was just put up a while ago, you can try it out now if you'd like
  2. AA_BATTERY's Avatar
    So thats why he dissapeared from SPORE, as did I xD
  3. Alec's Avatar
    Brilliant interview! Keep them coming, I love reading them!