Creator Intevriew: Celsus

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Hello everyone, here's our 37th interview with a very unpopular creator yet he's still a great one. The creator's name is celsus and he's made a ton of levels including "The OK Choice" series. Anyway, here's the interview.

1. Out of all your levels, which is your favorite?

That would be a toss up, OK Space Invasion I think is the most fun to others but but it was created out of anger from an emiter acting up and a piston never syncing so I just maked a level destroying things to feel better, while OK Choice is the one I really want to be the best to others that play my levels, and I do like it most of all.

2. Are there any levels your working on or planning and if so, could you give us some information about it? (This could be anything from the title, theme, plot, or even picture/teaser of the level.)

Lol....yeah there are a few, I have an airpost security mini-game where you scan passangers before they get on the plane...that one was pushed to the side to make the OK Space Invasion. OK Escape Part 4 where you get the massive land tank to got take back your city, but no one was beating the first three so it fell to the sidelines. E (an OK Horror story) is made up to the first playing scene, but the emitters were so annoying I had to pause in making it...that and I was at 20 levels already. I don't have any pics, but it is still up on my moon locked, for those wanting to see my attempt at a simple player horror story you can get the sticker ar the End of OK Choice Part 4 and use it on the picture frame at the start of OK Picnic and you will ge the key for the level. OK Cat Island has been in limbo due to pistons bugs...but the intro is done, and the ship you take for battle runs is working.

3. Are there any creators/levels that inspire you to create or that you just think are awesome? (If there are too many to count than just name some of them.)

Well I don't get to play online much because of network issues, but of the ones I have seen they are most all great. Robotvampire has a very good strenght in keeping with a theme through the entire level. The jumps all seem tested, and the flow of action is very nice. Also Robot is amazing with feedback. Sabre and Light have nice levels with very well done camera work, and Morgan is good at making a level with a theme that stays through the level...I also liked the fluffy bunny guy's work (the fridge level), and that one person who did the 4 in 1 level with the big robot boss underground using the 3d glitch. Oh I liked that dragon hero series...not sure who it was but the series of like seven...very nicely done artwork. Most of the creators on here seem to take their creating very seriously and that helps push me to try and make mine better and better.

4. Do you have any tips on creating or keeping the thermometer low for other creators? If so, what is it? (This can be basic like not using too many materials or corners or can be really specific talking about certain stickers and sound effects you find useful or both.)

That is a hard one, if you ever played my Mississippi Express level, at one time I had make all of the level out of one material and used stickers to make it look better...but then it still too up too much space and the stickers alll would flicker, so I went back in and added tons of material and it worked better. I have seen the levels thermo slow drop over time (weeks) and that would allow me to add more, but then if I added anything and rewound I would have to quit the level without saving because it would overheat and not cool down not matter if I undid all I had. THe only things I think I do that does actually work is creating backgrounds in other levels, taking pictures of them, then placing the pictures in the level I am working on (like the apartment in the start of OK Choice. I also put emiters on pistons and have thme follow the player to emit baddies ot effects so the level appears to have more things than it really does like the Snowmen in OK Escape Part 3.

5. If you could add anything to little big planet that you don't think they're already adding, what would it be?

Oh, player Hearts! I think when a person gets first place on your level you should beable to give them a Kudos. I would also love it if they had an IM built right into the player name instead of the levels, I have having to swith to the PSN message system to send a person a quick message...and the censor makes leaving messages on the level boards a bit annoying. Other than that a stealth mode for when you are working online. My connection is horrid, so if I ever try to create or play a level with others online it will freeze or even crash the level I am working on. I hate having to deny people's invite request, but I hate more when I send them a polite message telling tme I can't play online because of the seems like a lame excuse even to me.

6. Is there anything or anyone outside of little big planet that inspires you to create or at least gives you some ideas?

There is one thing that inspires me to create big time...that is how bad the Syfy network has become...I love making levels to take a swipe at them, OK Space Invasion has several lines about them, and OK Space Mach 4 is just about pwning their series, and OK Space Accident is kind of like what I want form the network...more Space, less ghost hunters...Other than that anything I would like to do ends up in a level...i.e. space travel, time travel...flying a fighter jet...

7. When and how did you get Little big planet?

I got LBP when it first was released, but because of work and school I did not have much time...but this summer I was able to devote tome more time to it...and I played it more than any other game onthe system.

8. How did you get the name celsus?

Celsus was a name of a greek philosopher...a rather funny story too...but it is a bit long and has to do with history...but long story short the only reason that his work still exists today was because a person that hated his writing wrote a book about his writing and included it.

9. Are there any other games you play besides Little big planet or Little Big Planet 2?

There are games other than LBP? Kidding I play Warhawk every now and then (an amazing game, and I sarted to work on a Warhawk level, but I got side tracked form that too). Also I would love to make a Millitary Madness or Otostaz game, they were both really fun games (one is on the PSN and the other is on a PS2 disk so I play them for fun once in a blue moon. Other than that I like Red Factions destructable buildings, Borderlands artwork, and I even played some of the new Halo game...but turned it off and put Warhawk on instead.