Creator Interview: royal_pirate

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Hello everyone, here's our 38th creator interview with royal_pirate, creator of his Elemental Enigma series. Just to tell you if you're confused, royal's stillworking on "Elemental Enigma - Burning Liquid". Anyway, here's the interview.

1. Out of all your levels, which is your favorite?

As of now, Burning Liquid has got to be my favorite level. I've had a lot of fun creating it and especially the boss. Burning Liquid is one of my longest-made levels too. But in terms of playable levels, Cathedral De Ignis is the best so far. The lighting took some time, but the end product was brilliant.

2. Are there any levels your working on or planning and if so, could you give us some information about it? (This could be anything from the title, theme, plot, or even picture/teaser of the level.)

My plans are now concrete about my Elemental Enigma Series, standing at a total of a whopping 13, count them, 13 levels! I'm still keeping the plot hidden in the dark, but the next level is a frosty one. With the help of LBP2, I can fit in more puzzles and better visuals. I have also started to work ahead of myself and created the final boss, but I'm more than likely to change it up in the future. Apart from Octanius, the boss of fire, the following bosses will be named after their elemental Latin name. Speaking of Latin, I have also thought of adding Latin puzzles, so players could decipher the sentence, if they have a computer or a translator handy. This whole series will focus on real history, so that all the gadders would become educated about the elements of the world. Boy, that was long.

3. Are there any creators/levels that inspire you to create or that you just think are awesome? (If there are too many to count than just name some of them.)

First and foremost, RTM223 has inspired me to use logic to its fullest extent (although I wish I had his help with my boss right now lol). Morgana25 is BRILLIANT with lighting and has sparked the idea of the lights behind Cathedral De Ignis. Her Fire and Ice lighting was really something I wanted to try out. Lockstitch is another great creator and I really want to see what i can do with emitters now. Hallm3 is awesome with bringing back the MM feel to his levels too. TOUKi555 is GREAT with level physics and a little of his inspiration can be seen in the heart of Cathedral De Ignis.

4. Do you have any tips on creating or keeping the thermometer low for other creators? If so, what is it? (This can be basic like not using too many materials or corners or can be really specific talking about certain stickers and sound effects you find useful or both.)

Hmm. Well, I like to use springs and winches together, but sometimes they overlap. When I want to edit the winch, I keep getting the winch to edit and vice versa. Maybe a separator would be nice? A tool where you could sift through layers in a specific layer. Maybe a work offline mode when you're online? That would be nice.

5. If you could add anything to little big planet that you don't think they're already adding, what would it be?

6. Is there anything or anyone outside of little big planet that inspires you to create or at least gives you some ideas?

I'm always outside of the house, seeing new places and I always have my notebook and my camera handy so i can sketch or snap a picture of a really cool machine or some great architecture. I LOVE exploring churches and cathedrals, since I live near quite a lot of them. The large cathedral in downtown LA has this awesome build to it, almost abstract. I'm constantly inspired by such places.

7. When and how did you get Little big planet?

I got LBP pretty late, February 2009 actually. My parents got it for my birthday, since i was bothering them about it for months. But because of school, I couldn't play it that much. Yet, I have no idea how I can fit an hour of creating during the weekdays. I rarely play any other game on my PS3, actually.

8. How did you get the name royal_pirate?

royal_pirate, actually. -ahem- lol. Well, if you ask some of my friends who I root for in a game / movie, they would say the underdog or the villain. I actually wanted Sheldon Plankton to find out the secret behind Krabby Patties so I would know as well! Villains always seem to have the best weapons, the best secret lairs, the best costumes, everything! I didn't like the typical super hero who saves the day, it got pretty monotonous to me. As for the underdog, they never give up. They set their mind to something and they don't let anything get in their way. They're always focused, focused, focused. This is where royal_pirate was born. Pirates were so cool to me, having a funny language and always on the sea. Even though they were usually the villains of any story, I still adored them. Royal came from the underdog, since I consider them as royal, instead of your basic King and Queen. So I created a pirate underdog! That's the story of royal_pirate. Not that I dislike ninjas, or anything like that. So to even things out, I am an Asian pirate. There's your loophole, teenage society!

9. Are there any other games you play besides Little big planet or Little Big Planet 2?

Hmm. Ah! I love the Devil May Cry series. A lot of the story was really cool, so you're gonna be seeing a lot of references in my levels. It also had some great architecture, since a lot of the scenes were inspired by church buildings. DMC is also what sparked my interest in putting Latin into my levels. Oh! The first puzzle in Burning Liquid is totally inspired by obtaining the Soul of Steel, where you had to lift a gated cage and the Vajra came from the DMC puzzle as well. See? I told you there would be a lot of references. I also LOVE playing the Final Fantasy series especially XIII. A lot of references to that too, if you pay attention in the levels. BOY, do I talk a lot!


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