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Calculator V2 (?)

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So I went back and looked at some input from butterflysamurai (spelling?) on my semi-not-really-well known calculator (and although his ideas were some definite large improvements on my design, I kept mine because mine was faster and I liked the "simplicity" of using BCD. Silly me :P ), and it sparked something. I could do this in a MUCH MUCH simpler (but slower) way.

My ideas are similar to his, but I think I might have extended it (or, well.. Condensed it?) and made it even more simple.

It seems insane, but I could (in theory) make a calculator that can +,-,*,/ two numbers from -999 to 999 with less than 30-40 moving parts, and with well under 150 mag keys.

Only problem is that instead of taking ~3 seconds, this design would take about 20-30 seconds. If I extended it to handle inputs from -9999 to 9999 (which is not really a stretch for this design), it would take somewhere upwards of 15 MINUTES. We can't have that now, can we? (Possible solution: parallel computing )

I might actually be able to finish this by the time the LBP2 demo comes out, if my schoolwork allows for it

Updated 11-25-2010 at 04:26 AM by Hibbsi91