Planning Decent levels and series

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[SIZE="7"]Planning Decent Levels or Series[/SIZE]
[SIZE="4"] Too often, Levels with Little to no story at all are published, or even copy published onto LBP,My goal, is to provide a guide on how to create levels that avoid this no story level affect on LBP.[/SIZE]
[SIZE="4"] First off, When making a level, be sure you have an idea or plan on what exactly your level will be about.(what the theme will be, the color pallet, and overall how the level flows together)Before Entering Create mode, Try Getting out a blank sheet of paper and either sketching out a scene that has a certain theme you can follow, or describe your level in words,(EXAMPLE: Level starts in a snowy scene,snow falling from the sky, wooden houses all around)And once you have an idea on what exactly your level is going to be about, then try your hand at making a few props for the level, like a simple obstacle that can be re-used throughout the level (like a barrel or a tree) So you can see what exactly you CAN and CAN'T make.Once you have the basic idea and you feel you are ready to begin,Start a small section, try using the theme you created, see if the theme is reasonable for your particular skill set,(Like if you are good at creating cars, you might not want to make a desert, but maybe a city or town theme)If you find your theme too difficult, you can either start a new theme or ask for help from a friend that might be better at that specific style.But never continue a level theme that you aren't comfortable with.

Once you have decided your theme start making the obstacles or props for your level, don't go straight into making the ground or building the level takes place in.After you have made a few props or obstacles THEN make a basic template that is not too large, place it throughout the level and edit later to make it differ from the basic template, this avoids having to start from scratch, instead you just add to the the props and obstacles in different spots around in your level, if your level seems empty, add more obstacles or puzzles and props.Be sure to stick to the theme you chose when making extras, (don't but a barrel in a desert)And be sure to have a little challenge in your level, don't just make a pretty looking town, make obstacles and puzzles to add playability to your level.Add the finishing touches to your level, by adding and making your level flow properly, like adding speech bubbles or pictures to help the player understand the goal of the level, Be sure to have a few friends test your level before you publish your level, and do not tell them what to do, because in the community, you won't be there as every player plays your level, And be sure to test the level yourself, to make sure you are happy with your level.After you feel happy with your level, make a sticker that draws attention to your level, but still follows your theme.Create a catchy name based on your theme,add a brief description of your level, publish,And watch your level grow!


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    soo if your so smart with this stuff, why dont you make a level thats decent and has a story?
  2. PurpleChaos's Avatar
    Because her brain is overflowing with so many incredible ideas that she can't express them all at once. It would take eternal wisdom and 42 years to transfer the godlike levels that is H3ART_BR3AK_T3CH to LBP. Once this occurs, the planet will undergo tremendous changes. Humans will be forced to move to a planet on another galaxy while Earth remains slowly crumbling. Animals will weep for their families, and soon other humanoid life forms will wipe us all out. And then, only then will-- where did everybody go... ?

    P.S. Great advice.
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