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Welcome to the official Epic Quest Blog where you can find all information regarding my level I created in the LBP which I called Epic Quest. In it, you are placed in a Kindgom that is under attack from an evil dragon "ClothScorcher". It's your mission to take out the dragon and get the reward at the end for doing so.


The level consists of multiple paths, multiple secret areas, and one challenging dragon. Let's just say I don't always complete the level because I get my butt handed to my by the dragon, and I've played the level like 100 times. LOL

Here is a preview video that I posted earlier on:

[Watch YouTube Video]

Elements of Gameplay:

Here are some things I tried to do and did do with the creation aspects of the game...

-Dragon shot explosives, spewed gas, and spat out soldiers on fire with the use of emmiters.

-Because the dragon used springs along with a motor, the springs made where the dragon shoot things out of his mouth randomly. This really made no game play quite the same

-Some areas where explorable only after the dragon had exposed them after destroying parts of an area.

-I had soldiers on fire get spit out from the dragon as mentioned before, but they had a brain that told them to try and follow you. This obviously creates a weird kind of relationship. LOL. A friend running at you that can kill you. LOL

-I had arrows shooting from a tower once again using emmiters. These were being shot at the dragon.

-The dragon has a trigger on his back that you have to get to. Now because the dragon movements are random somewhat and because there are arrows shooting at him, it was confirmed by a member here that one playthrough, the arrows actually took the dragon out. LOL. It must have been timed perfectly. LOL

-I created a scenario where the king is killed by the dragon shooting out explosives. The king wears a crown, but no ordinary crown. I put a trigger on the crown so if you manage to save the kings life and pull him away just in time to save him, you can take his crown to a treasure chamber which will trigger aq whole load of teasure to flow down.

Hints and Tips for Creation

-I've found an effective way to create textures is to use the current ones to create a unique one, and then take a picture of that. This is what I did with the castle texture. This allows for way greater flexibility in who things look.

The Final Product

This is the final version of Epic quest, also showing some of the other scenarios and secrets of the level.

[Watch YouTube Video]


  1. QuozL's Avatar
    I loved this level even though we never got past the dragon. My mate, his girlfriend and I used to play it every night during the beta and there would be continual shrieks of laughter and cheering as we tried in vain to get onto the dragons back, looking forward to finally mastering it once the full game is released.

    Cheers QuozL
  2. Go,Mouse!'s Avatar
    This looks like a really fun level. I will have to try this when the full game comes out!
  3. lbp's Avatar
    Glad you liked it. What was funny and really time consuming was testing parts of the dragon in the play mode. Sometimes I'd have to play 5-6 times to test one part out because the dragon kept on taking me out before I could test certain things. LOL
  4. lbp's Avatar
    Thanks guys.