Projects, Updates and Flying Sheep!

Don't worry... I'M NOT DEAD!

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Ok, when it comes to LBPC I've been fairly inactive lately. Though I promise to ammend that! I've just been tied down with revision and playing LBP2! Which may I add is the best thing since sliced bread! I've played some absolutely jaw-dropping levels so far. (Clockworx 2, The Adventures of Cyclops, Stereo/mono 2 and Blast Radius to name a few!) The game has so much potential as a game maker and a movie maker. I can't wait to see how the community evolves! While I'm talking about LBP2, I might as well reveal what I have under way...

You play as an employee in a futuristic power plant and must escape when a chemical leakage reeks havoc.

Going to be a platformer that takes advantage of all the new tools in LBP2. (eg. sackbots) Coming along beautifully so far.

Frostbite Deluxe
A remake of 'Frostbit Remixed' I made on the BETA with added features. Here's a basic idea of what it'll look like:

Galaxy Knights
This one's the biggie. I've had this idea for a while... Going to made up of 8 levels linked together...